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Cultural Heritage Sites

Cultural Heritage Sites

Calle Cañuto. Coín. Panorámica


The Guadalhorce Valley has rich cultural heritage with sites that are bursting with history, culture and tradition.

One of the main cultural heritage sites in the area of the Guadalhorce Valley is linked to the traditional farming, agriculture and livestock. There are traditional songs which were meant to make the work easier, such as threshing songs, and traditional Verdiales sang in cheerful occasions.

Typical well-known figures from the past were women in charge of handling country products.

In all towns in this area, you can see different monuments and enjoy some ethnologic activities such as those which are cited in the Andalusian Cultural Heritage Catalogue.

These towns have important cultural heritage, as well as natural and ethnographic one, which allow visitors to have a unique experience nearby. There are important archaeological ruins, such as the cave in Ardales, where you can learn about the beginnings of the human history in this province, marvellous palaces, great towns, churches, monasteries, convents, spas and museums, where you can find out more about the events from recent past.

Ethnographic heritage of the area is definitely another reason to visit this destination. There is a wide range of dishes which are based on natural local products, such as olive oil, cereals, fruit and vegetables, citrus fruit and almonds, as well a varied supply of traditional festivals and celebrations, during which one can see habits and customs of local people, like Verdiales Festival of the Three Crosses Country Chappel, the Holy Week in  Álora, Traditional Pigs Slaughter Festival in Ardales, Oranges Festival in Coín, Our Lady of Los Remedios in Cártama, Lovely Jarifa’s Nights in Cártama, Cachoreña (local dish) Festivity in Alharín El Grande‘Torre del Cante’ Flamenco Festival in Alhaurín de la Torre, to name just a few.

Verdiales. Panorámica

All eight towns in the lower basin of the Guadalhorce with important historical and cultural legacy and heritage. Therefore, we invite you to discover them by visiting each and one of the towns along the Green Corridor: