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Cabecera Álora


The Gudalhorce Valley Green Corridor is going to be more than 50 km long and it will go through eight towns. The first of them is Ardales, which belongs to the area of Guadalteba, while the rest of the towns, except Málaga City, belong to the Guadalhorce Valley (Álora, Pizarra, Coín, Alhaurín el Grande, Cártama, Alhaurín de la Torre).

The area of the Guadalhorce Valley is placed in the privileged site, considering its closeness to the capital of the province, the Costa del Sol, the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, Gaitanes Gorge, El Chorro Reservoirs and Málaga Mountains.

The Guadalhorce River flows through the area of Antequera and the mountain range in the Gaitanes Gorge before creating its own valley, which is the most important in Málaga. The Gualdalhorce Valley is also the trail or ‘corridor’ covered in fertile land, way to learn people’s stories and see mountains scenery, where rivers and streams get their water. Orchards and farmland decorated with country houses, crossed by roads, paths, railways and canals, cover the valley, terraces and hills. They are also part of the landscape which shows present life versus old times. To the west of the Coín, the villages in the valley are closer to the mountains and connect it to the mountain range. In Monda and Guaro, villages close to the Sierra de las Nieves, orchards climb the terraced land and get closer to the villages up to the olive groves and dry land that form the border line between the plain and the mountains with their cork oaks, pine trees and chestnuts. More forward, the landscape is formed by old pine trees on the steep terraces of Horcajo Precipice and goes up to mountain peaks, where northward slopes and plains are spotted with century-old Spanish firs and gall oaks. All of this is also the Guadalhorce Valley.

This area has microclimate and mild winter due to the terrain, positions, altitude, plains, and mountain sides. This kind of climate without extreme temperatures, makes this place ideal for tourism which is based on culture, food and sports.

The value of this area is in its landscape, culture, forests and elements which are related to rivers and water such as mills, irrigation channels, and springs, as well as traditional crafts, above all, pieces of pottery.

Although, officially, there is only one natural beauty spot, the Gaitanes Gorge, this area has many environmentally important sites in the surrounding mountains and in the valley itself.

You can get more details on the towns along the Green Corridor at the web page of the County Council Tourism.