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Aims and Strategic Plan

Aims and Strategic Plan

Montaje puente desembocadura río Guadalhorce 2. Panorámica

There are eight basic elements in the strategic plan of the Green Corridor:

  • 1. Ecological Path and Biodiversity Conservation:

  1. Restoration of river and its main tributaries’ ecosystems
  2. Conservation and improvement of animal species
  3. Improvement of ecological connectivity
  4. Environmentally important areas and landscape restoration
  • 2. Exploration and Approaching River’s Surroundings:

  1.  River park
  2. River routes
  3. Bridges and passages
  4. Sports and leisure areas and parks in the towns’ surroundings
  5. Restoration of traditional swimming areas
  • 3. The Way to Connect the Territory:

  1. Hiking trails
  2. Accessible paths
  3. Cycling lanes and greenways
  4. Livestock tracks restoration
  5. Riding routes
  6. Roads in beautiful landscape
  • 4. Interpretive Centres:

  1. Natural heritage interpretive centres
  2. Cultural heritage interpretive centres

Trilla. Vale del Guadalhorce. Panorrámica

  • 5. Transport and Accessibility:

  1. Train stops and stations
  2. Car parks for caravans
  3. EV charging stations
  • 6. Sustainability:

  1. Communication and awareness campaigns regarding the valuable elements of the surroundings
  2. Awareness campaigns on carbon footprint and compensation systems
  3. Business courses
  4. ‘Bike Territory’ Label
  5. Agrosystems
  • 7. Digital Transition and Competition:

  1. Tourist web page on the Guadalhorce Green Corridor
  2. Tourism promotion and digital communication
  3. Tourist signposting

Museo Etnográfico de Pizarra. Panorámica

  • 8. Cultural Heritage:

  1. Traditional architecture objects
  2. Cultural heritage for tourists.