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What is the Green Corridor?

What is the Green Corridor?

Pizarra y Valle del Guadalhorce. Vista aérea desde El Santo. Panorámica

On 24the April 2017, at the County Council plenary meeting, the creation of the Guadalhorce Valley Green Corridor was unanimously approved. This motion underlines that the contribution of this way would be both: ecological and socioeconomic.


Ecological Function

This way is connection point between two great nature reserves in the provinceGaitanes Gorge Natural Beauty Spot and the Mouth of Guadalhorce Natural Beauty Spot. Thanks to that, these two ecosystems are well connected and their biodiversity more protected.


Socioeconomic Function

On the other hand, the fact that the corridor grows through the areas which are significant because of their nature, history and culture, helps the towns in them develop tourism and sports activities and turns it into the main factor of their economic growth.


Longer than 50 km, it goes through eight towns…

This ambitious project, which has been designed by having in consideration the above natural sites, as well as the river Guadalhorce’s course and its main tributaries, is 50 km long and it goes through eight towns in the lower Guadalhorce basin: Ardales, Álora, Pizarra, Coín, Alhaurín el Grande, Cártama, Alhaurín de la Torre and Málaga.

The project is the result of efforts to recover the surroundings and landscape around the river and its main tributaries, create large leisure areas, upgrade and prepare trails, paths and river routes, and equip them with interpretive centres.

Estación de Cártama - Puente de Hierro (6). Panorámica

This corridor, which goes along the river, should be a driving force for economy and tourism in the towns on its way and complement their great agricultural and food industry potential, which are main features of the Guadalhorce area.