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Soon you Will be Able to Have a Walk along the Gudalhorce Valley Green Corridor


Soon you Will be Able to Have a Walk along the Gudalhorce Valley Green Corridor

The largest river park in Spain goes through eight towns and it is 54 kilometres long.

The Green Corridor goes along the lower Guadalhorce basin through eight towns (Álora, Ardales, Pizarra, Coín, Alhaurín el Grande, Cártama, Alhaurín de la Torre and Málaga). Along these 54 kilometres, the corridor runs through natural beauty spots of the mouth of the Guadalhorce in Málaga and the Gaitanes Gorge at the Caminito del Rey path.

The Project of the Guadalhorce Green Corridor, which goes across the middle of the Geological Trail of Málaga (GR 340- Long-distance path), has several goals. On one side, the aim is to recover the surroundings and landscape around the Guadalhorce River, its tributaries and round thirty streams, which are all together almost 400 kilometres long. Additionally, more that a half-dozen large recreational areas are to be created.

Another important function of the project is upgrading and preparing of the paths, including the Long-distance Guadalhorce Valley Great Path (GR-248) and riverside walks. Therefore, certain changes regarding the routes of the paths are made so these could run closer to the Guadalhorce, and there will be new paths which are meant to improve the connection of all of the towns with the river. Moreover, sixteen new bridges and walkways are going to be built in the rugged areas in order to ensure the connection with the rivers and streams in the area. The first one to be started was the bridge in Álora on 27th April 2022.

The last aim is to equip the area with visitor and interpretive centres which can provide the visitors with on the information about the surrounding nature.